The Macallan generates high profites

Edrington announces improvement of 10.5 per cent

Whiskymarket always is in motion and last year The Macallan saw increasing profits that climbed up ending with a plus of 10.5 per cent. This success is a direct proof that Edrington’s concept for its premium brand is a good one. The Macallan is one of the leading brands in Russia, China, Japan, South Korea and Hongkong, result of intensive strategiesin Asia in marketing and sales. The US are also in the focus of Edrington’s efforts: Here in the US market The Macallan is No.2 already.

Bringing forward The Macallan without compromise

In the Annual Report 2015 Edrington points out the strategy The Macallan will keep on following: “Our aim is to align everything we do behind Perfecting The Macallan in support of its ‘ultimate luxury spirit’ proposition”, says Scott McCroskie Managing Director, The Macallan. “ Edrington sees great potential for further growth of the brand, built on the foundations of an uncompromising commitment to quality, beauty and craftsmanship.” Beginning in 2017 the new distillery will play a main role in this concept and “write the next chapter of the history of The Macallan”.

Highland Park is a central brand too

Edrington regards Highland Park being one of the most prestigious spirits worldwide and in the annual report a clear direction for its marketing is defined as well: Underlining provenance as well as authenticity and creating a rich storytelling would be a guaranty for winning new consumers. Edrington’s “Strategy 2020” will intensify the efforts for bringing Highland Park forward and enlarge its part of the company’s success says Bill Farrar Managing Director, Super Premium, in Edrington’s report.

Edrington News (Edrington Financial Results 2015, 29.06.2015)