The Lakes Distillery to invest £4.25m

Expansion and global establishment of the brand is the vision


The British Lakes Distillery has announced planned investments to help the young whisky brand continue to position itself in global luxury single malt whisky market. Production is also to be increased: the target for 2020 is to produce a million bottles of single malt whisky.

Eight additional washbacks will soon make distillation possible 24 hours a day. A new warehouse will enable The Lakes to house the increased number of filled casks. The investment will also help to increase sales in the United Kingdom, Europe, Asia and the United States and to promote The Lakes Single Malt Whisky globally as a premium brand.In order to realize these plans, Lakes Distillery has secured the support of the investment company Comhar Capital: Comhar will invest £4.25 million in the distillery.

Nigel Mills, co-founder and CEO of Lakes Distillery, said: “Our vision is to create a global luxury single malt whisky brand. It’s an ambitious goal and one which means quality is at the heart of everything we do. A sentiment very much shared by Comhar.”

The distillery, which opened in 2014 in the Lakes District, launched its first self-produced whisky as a very limited release of just 101 bottles called "The Lakes Genesis". It was soon followed by the first generally available single malt "The Whiskymaker’s Reserve", which is released in small batches. The Lakes Distillery had previously become famous for its label "The One", a blend of whiskies from various distilleries of the British Isles.

Source: The Lakes Distillery