The Irishman 12 Year Old now served at Lufthansa

The single malt of Walsh Whiskey is listed for the first class lounge

When you’ll fly with Lufthansa next time you can have the pleasure to enjoy the 12 year old single malt “The Irishman” of Walsh Whiskey Distillery – provided that you booked first class and can therefor visit the corresponding premium lounge where it is served. 500.000 passengers and guests annually will have the opportunity to enjoy The Irishman within their first class Lufthansa package the online magazine The Spirits Business reported.

The Irishman also available outside the Lufthansa Lounge

Those who fly economy or who don’t want to wait until the next voyage don’t want to miss out a dram of this whisky you can alternatively buy your own bottle of The Irishman 12 Year Old. The Irishman is triple distilled and the 12 year old single malt is matured in first fill ex-Bourbon casks and only about 6.000 bottled of it are released every year.

New Walsh Whiskey Distillery opened in 2016

The company Walsh Whiskey Distillery was founded by Rosemary and Bernard Walsh in 1999 as “Hot Irishman Limited”. In the beginnings their aim was only to market their Hot Irish Coffee. In 2007 they released their first Whiskey under the label “The Irishman”. The bottlings that are available so far have been produced in a big Irish distillery, but this will change in the nearer future: Since 2016 the company produces in its own new built Walsh Whiskey Distillery in Royal Oak, about 65 miles South from Dublin. Groundbreaking had been in September 2014. This distillery now is also the home of Writer’s Tears, another successful Whiskey label of the Walsh Whiske Distillery (we reported here about the opening of the distillery).

All Irish whiskey styles produced

At Walsh Whiskey Distillery distillation takes part in pot stills as well as in patent stills so all three types of Irish whiskey can be produced: malt, grain and the traditional Irish pot still whiskey. Production capacity is given as 400.000 casks annually. To ensure that the steadily growing amount of casks can be stored further warehouses are planned at the banks of River Barrow.