The Dalmore 51 Years: An exclusive whisky with an exclusive packaging

Half a century of whisky magic in a decanter


When a distillery like The Dalmore announces an exclusive bottling, we know: This is not about a single malt limited to a few hundred bottles, for which whisky fans have to afford a four-figure sum. The Dalmore 51 years is limited to just 51 bottles and you have to budget around €65,000 (£55.000) if you are tempted to buy one of them.

Created by Richard Paterson

Whisky icon Richard Paterson, Dalmore's master distiller, is responsible for selecting the whisky for the single malt releases of the Dalmore Distillery, which he has been accompanying for many decades: in 2017, he celebrated his 50th anniversary in the whisky business.

He says: “The Dalmore 51 Year Old is a noble single malt of rare profundity and it has been my pleasure to closely follow its maturation over five decades. I am always looking towards the future and I carefully consider how each distillation will evolve, moving our spirits to new wood to transform their conclusion. The Dalmore 51 Year Old is a fine example of this.”

The Dalmore 51 years was initially matured in ex-bourbon barrels. Then it was further matured partly in Port Colheita 1938 casks, partly in Matusalem sherry casks and partly in first-fill ex-bourbon casks. In the end, the whisky components were married again in bourbon casks.

Producer’s tasting notes for The Dalmore Aged 51 Years

Colour Rich mahogany gold with intense copper highlights

Nose Liquorice stick, Napoleon cake laced with Black Morello cherries, Old English marmalade, faint whispers of Modena Balsamic and Oloroso sherry before a finale of creamy caramel and Doyenne pears soaked in aged tawny port.

Palate El Dorado plums, succulent sun kissed raisins, ginger cake sprinkled with Demerara sugar and Madagascan vanilla pod.

Finish A final flourish of treacle sponge covered in hot chocolate, freshly baked wholemeal toast, pineapple and sweet sultanas harmoniously drift on the aftertaste.

Black sycamore wood, crystal and silver

Regarding the exclusive decanter with the Dalmore logo made of sterling silverand the hand-made box made of black sycamore wood, can we speak of “packaging” in an ordinary way? Hardly likely! The high-quality exterior itself is a work of art, which gives The Dalmore 51 a frame worthy of the single malt’s exclusiveness.

Images: Borco brand import

Master Distiller Richard Paterson