The Amber Light: A whisky road movie with Dave Broom

The famous spirits expert travels through the Scottish whisky world


From Glasgow via Islay, the Speyside and Fife to Edinburgh: In the road movie "The Amber Light", the internationally known writer Dave Broom takes the audience through the world of Scottish whisky. Accompanied by various bands and musicians who provide an expressive soundtrack, Broom travels to traces the true history of whisky.

A journey to the roots of whisky and its traces in literature, music and history

Dave Broom has been at heart in the Scottish whisky scene for over 30 years. When he travels to the roots of Scottish whisky in this film, he doesn’t want to tell the success stories of major brands (even if they will not go completely unmentioned), but rather reveal the links between the history of whisky and aspects of literature and music, the life of the people and previous and recent Scottish history.

"Why does Scotland make whisky at all? How did whisky develop into the spirit we know today? What is the meaning and connection of Scotch with music and literature? And what does the future of whisky look like? Dave Broom talks about all of these aspects with key players, including Ian Rankin (author of the Rebus crime series), Lord Elgin (descendant of Robert the Bruce), Frank Murphy (owner of The Pot Still, Glasgow whisky bar), and Georgie Crawford (Distillery Manager, formerly Lagavulin, now Port Ellen Distillery) “, reveals the current press release from Polyband Medien GmbH.

You can watch a trailer here on the website of The Amber Light.


“The Amber Light” now to conquer Germany

"The Amber Light" was released in the UK end of last year, not only sold as a DVD, but also shown successfully in cinemas. Now the Munich-based company Polyband Medien GmbH has also brought the film to Germany. On July 31, 2020 it will initially appear as a limited DVD edition with an additional booklet and film poster exclusively at special whisky retailers.

"The Amber Light" is not the first whisky film project that conquered the hearts of the whisky fans lately. In 2018, “Scotch - A Golden Dream” was released, a soulful homage to Scottish whisky and the life's work of whisky legend Jim McEwan.

Images: Polyband Medien GmbH