Teeling Whiskey fills cask No. 10.000

The whiskey distillery in Dublin on its way to Ireland’s new whiskey future

The Teeling Distillery filled its 10.000th casks – a proud moment for the distillery in the heart of Dublin. Just for three and a half years whiskey has been produced again here in the Liberties: The Teeling Whiskey Company, founded by Jack and Stephen Teeling, opened their distillery at Newmarket in early 2015 which was the first distillery opening for the town for 125 years. Not far away of the new distillery site Walter Teeling had built his whiskey distillery in 1782 in Morrowbow Lane and started the family tradition.

Three traditional pot stills, constructed in Italy, are working in the Teeling Distillery, able to reach a production capacity of 500.000 liters annually. They are called Alison, Natalie und Rebecca named after Jack Teeling’s daughters. Here the single Irish pot still whiskey had been produced that was proudly presented recently: The first 100 bottles of whiskey produced in the new Teeling Distillery, were auctioned and caused international attention. Bottle No. 1 achieved a world record price of £10.000. The pot still whiskey was produced from a mash that was based on a traditional Irish recipe of 50% malted and 50% unmalted barley.

Jack Teeling, founder and Managing Director of Teeling Whiskey, said: “Filling of our 10,000th casks ties in with our strategy to ensure we have a wide range of styles and inventory to allow us to lead the evolution of the category as well as allow us to scale our business as Irish whiskey continues to segment and premiumise. We look forward to helping drive a new golden era for Dublin and Irish whiskey.”

Photos: Teeling Whiskey