Teeling Blackpitts is the first peated whiskey from the Dublin Teeling Distillery

A combination of traditional and modern production processes


With the Blackpitts, Teeling Whiskey presents the second whiskey release from their new distillery in Dublin. And with it, Teeling is breaking new ground, because this is a single malt made from peated malt, a novelty for the Teeling company. The Blackpitts will not only be available in Ireland, but will also find its way to international retailers soon.

“Blackpitts” is the historic area behind the Teeling Whiskey Distillery, which was built in Dublin in the Liberties and brought whiskey distilling back to the city. The Blackpitts area used to be the home of Ireland's largest malting houses. And here it was customary to maintain peat fires for drying the grain, so Irish whiskey used to be smoky in the past. Today there are few Irish whiskey labels producing peated whiskey, but the scene is changing again - smoky whiskeys like Blackpitts are evidence of this.

Jack Teeling, Founder and Managing Director of Teeling Whiskey, commented: “When we re-established Teeling Whiskey in 2012 our goal was to be the leader in driving the choice and expressions of Irish whiskey as well as to revive distilling in the city of Dublin. With our new Blackpitts Peated Single Malt we manage to achieve both. The combination of the age-old malting process of using smoke from peat to dry the malted barley combined with the triple distillation in our Dublin distillery, produces a very unique Teeling Whiskey. While this style of whiskey is not for everyone, the whiskey drinkers who enjoy this unique smoky character really do seek it out and it is only right that there is a Teeling, Dublin and Irish whiskey available to cater for this interest. Rooted in history but encapsulating a true modern approach, our new Blackpitts is truly unconventional Irish whiskey at its finest.”

The Teeling Blackpitts was matured in ex-Bourbon casks and former Sauternes white wine casks and was bottled at 46% ABV. There was no chill filtration. The triple distillation gives the smoky Blackpitts a different aromatic colouring than one is used to from the Scottish peated whiskies, explains Teeling in a press release. The medicinal character would be reduced, while a BBQ flavour would shine through.

Images: Teeling Whiskey