Tamdhu 50 Year Old: Anniversary Edition of the very finest

120th anniversary of Tamdhu Distillery is celebrated with a premium whisky release

It is a single malt whisky as it is not released every day: Tamdhu 50 Year Old is a single cask release that is limited to 100 bottles. Probably very very few of our readers will have a purchasing budget big enough to buy one of these Tamdhu’s: the price for the anniversary release is £16.000.

Tamdhu’s sherry cask tradition to be proceeded

Tamdhu 50 Year Old was matured in a first fill Sherry butt from European oak. With a maturation time of five decades it is the oldest whisky bottling the distillery has ever released. So it really is an appreciate release for this big anniversary Macleods Distillers’ Tamdhu Distillery celebrates this year: founded in 1897 it looks back on a venerable age of 120 years. It hasn’they been in the ownership of the company the whole time of course. After Tamdhu was mothballed in 2010 after having been in production for nearly all time Ian Macleod took over the silent distillery from Edrington. Since 2011 Tamdhu is back on the stage and returning to its typical sherry cask style. The new original release Tamdhu 10 Year Old has been matured in sherry casks as the Tamdhu Bask Strength as well.

Taste is probably subordinate for most buyers of Tamdhu 50 Year Old

The official tasting notes tell about cloves, liquorice, espresso and baked apples. In the finish cocoa, ginger, walnuts and maple syrup show up. But it can be assumed that most buyers won’t open their bottle of Tamdhu 50 Year Old and will never experience the taste of this special single malt whisky. The release was without any doubt primarily created for collectors. The expensive styling of the bottle and the packaging speak a clear language. The crystal decanter was designed by glass artist Katy Holford, the silversmith work was done by the jewellery house Hamilton & Inche’s. The Tamdhu 50 Year Old was now presented in Hamilton & Inche’s luxury showroom.