Talisker opens new visitor center

The distillery on Skye underlines its motto "Made by the sea"


Talisker Distillery on Skye has been welcoming visitors to its new Visitor Center since yesterday, Friday 5th August 2022. As part of Diageo's £185m investment package to boost whisky tourism, Talisker has also received a completely renewed and expanded visitor centre. Also on the renovation list were for example the distilleries Clynelish and Glenkinchie, whose new visitor centers have already opened.

Talisker Distillery has been working here on the coast of the Isle of Skye for more than 150 years and this island character has been the focus of the marketing concept since quite a while. "Made by the sea" stands for the single malt with its smoky and maritime character. This motto also runs like a red line through the newly designed visitor center with its two bars and retail center.

Celebrating the close connection with the sea

Barbara Smith, Managing Director of Diageos Scotland Brand Homes, said: “Talisker is inseparable from the unique Isle of Skye landscape and its whisky inherently shaped by the sea and landscape that surrounds it. Our new brand home celebrates that deep connection with the sea and Talisker’s commitment to preserving the wonderful marine environment in Scotland and around the world..

From the tours to the bars and retail space, there’s so much to experience at Talisker whether you’ve travelled two miles or two hundred miles to be there, and whether you’re already familiar with this wonderful whisky, or discovering it for the first time.”

This connection with the sea, which Talisker emphasizes, was also symbolically expressed at the official opening date: the well-known swimmer and adventurer Ross Edgley and the Skye-based artist, adventurer and conservationist Katie Tunn arrived at the distillery at Loch Harport by the sea.

Three offers to visitors of the Talisker Distillery

In the future, visitors to the Talisker distillery will be able to choose between three tours:

The Distillery Tour: The classic visitor tour through the distillery followed by a tasting of three Talisker Single Malts. Duration 1 hour, £20 per person.

Made by the Sea Tasting Experience: A multi-sensory experience discovering the history of Talisker with an in-depth tasting session. Duration 30 minutes, £15 per person.

Talisker Cask Draw and Tasting Experience: This special offer will appeal whisky connoisseurs, leading to the warehouse where five cask samples are tasted. However, these tours will only be offered at a later date.

Tours can be pre-booked here on malts.com.


Images: Diageo