Talisker 44 Year Old Forests of the Deep is the distillery's oldest release to date

A tribute to the impressive sea kelp forests that are important to the ecosystem


Talisker has only filled 1,997 bottles of the 44-year-old whisky named Forests of the Deep. It was launched last week on World Oceans Day - a fitting date for the launch of a single malt whisky inspired by the collaboration between Talisker and Parley for the Oceans, organisation for ocean conservation.

The kelp forests near the Cape of Good Hope were the destination of an expedition that included scientists, activists and filmmakers. A special cargo on the ship were barrel staves, which were then later charred using a small amount of sustainably farmed Scottish seaweed. The Talisker 44 Year Old Forests of the Deep was finished in these barrels.

A tribute to the beauty and fragility of the great forests of the deep

Diageo describes the 44-year-old Talisker's aromas as a combination of seductive aromas with maritime notes. It is characterised by an oily-soft texture, umami notes and a sweet chilli-pepper finish. £3,800 is the suggested retail price for this Talisker 44 Year Old, which is set to go on sale worldwide.

Cyril Gutsch, Founder & CEO, Parley said, “Kelp forests are the planet’s underwater architects, and a powerful blue carbon force within the ecosystem that makes Earth habitable. They support biodiversity and sequester and store carbon dioxide more efficiently than the rainforests. This very special and rare edition of Talisker whisky is a tribute to the beauty and fragility of these great forests of the deep, and our collaborative mission to support their protection.”

Producer’s Tasting Notes for the Talisker 44 YO

Appearance: Deep, clear amber. Excellent beading

Nose: True to a Talisker of age, the nose is mellow overall, with a peppery prickle that yields slowly to rich maritime top notes with traces of seaweed, salt crystals and warmed oak, over sweeter wafts of lemon zest and toffee. Beneath these scents lie intriguing layers of aroma; hints of canvas, brine-licked sea air and a distant beach bonfire

Body: Full

Palate: A big, wonderfully oily-smooth texture and umami-rich taste, as waves of smoky-sweet intensity meet the full force of the sea mid-palate. The effect lightly dries before a peppery warmth surges and smoothens. A drop of water softens the feel and brings a hint of sweetness with a pinch of salt and tingling Szechuan pepper.

Finish: Really long, with soft traces of candle wax as a sweet chilli-pepper warmth suffuses the palate, becoming mouth-cooling if water is added


Image: Diageo