Talisker 40 Year Old is the first release of the Bodega Series

An Amontillado Sherry finish refined this old single malt from Skye

It is one of the oldest whisky that Talisker has ever released: the exclusive Talisker 40 YO, part of the Bodega Series, was officially presented in Scotland tonight. It will soon be on sale at some special retailers worldwide and join those premium Taliskers like the 30 years old.

The Bodega Series that starts with this single malts will be an homage to the finishing in Sherry casks. Those casks that gave the Talisker 40 YO its special finish came from the famous Sherry producer Delgado Zuleta in the region of Marco de Jerez. Five casks that former had held Amontillado Sherry were chosen for this purpose.

They then hosted the Talisker at the end of its maturation time before he was bottled and now will be released limited to 2.000 bottles worldwide. According to the press release the Talisker 40 YO Bodega Series presents as a colorful golden whisky that merges aromatic raisins and peaty aspects with smooth accents of the Amontillado Sherry casks to sweet opulence and fruity smokiness.

Sweetness in fruity waves and traditional pepperiness of the Talisker – we are waiting eagerly to see if the old single malt can fulfill all those advance praises it received.

No exclusive malt without an exclusive packaging: The wooden box that carries the 40 YO Talisker, was handmade and decorated with ornaments to commemorate the Sherry bodegas and the sundial of Sanlucar de Barrameda. The bottle itself shows this sundial ornament made with the technique of screen printing, presented by Silkscreen .

Following this Talisker 40 YO there will be several premium bottlings with sherry casks finishes.

Picture: Diageo