Surfboards made from Glenmorangie casks

A cooperation between the Scottish distillery and an American manufacturer

What happens to disused whisky casks? For some of their casks Glenmorangie found a new application: They don’t have to spend the rest of their lives being flower pots, garden furniture or barbeque wood flavors but got the chance to become stylish surfboards.

Defy the waves surfing on half a whisky cask

In cooperation with Grain Surfboards from Maine / USA the Highland distillery Glenmorangie offers a limited number of surfboards, manufactured in traditional boatbuilding technology. Each board is hand crafted to be a fully functional surfboard using 12 staves of Ex-Glenmorangie American Oak caks (which is about half a cask) and wood from white and red cedars from Maine.

Glenmorangie only uses its casks from American white oak twice – whisky from first and second fill ex-Bourbon barrels are the basis for the Glenmorangie Single Malt. For some of those casks the circle closes, and they return to the USA for a very special recycling. 4,700 Euros plus freight costs is the price for one of these special surfboards.

Scotland – surfland

The perfect wave to surf on cannot only be found at famous surf spots like Hawaii, Tahiti, South Africa, Bali or California. Surfers can also be spotted at many Scottish coasts. So it’s not surprising that Moet Hennessy chose the project “surfboards” as the third one in the series “Beyond the Cask”. 2016 they had started with a cooperation with Finlay & Co. and their sun glasses from Glenmorangie wood, last year wooden bicycles from Renovo followed.

Pictures: Moet Hennessy