Stonewood Whisky got a new design

A facelifting for Schraml Distillery’s whisky range

The German Schraml Distillery has redesigned the look of its whisky labels to give them a more modern and corporate appearance. The core elements of the brand design were integrated and the logo was gently optimized. With its actual press release the family owned company presents this new design and also points out that the amount of information on the labels was increased. To show a high degree of transparency details and differences of the different whiskies, the grain or malt that was used and the maturation shall be pointed out clearly.

When Gregor Schraml, sixth generation of distillers in Erbendorf, describes the four whiskies that are produced in his distillery, he calls them his „4 Bavarians“:

  • Stonewood 1818: single grain whisky with 45 % ABV, 10 years in Limousin oak cask, formerly filled with Cognac.
  • Stonewood Woaz: 5 year olds ingle wheat malt whisky with 43 % ABV from wheat and barley malt.
  • Stonewood Drà: single malt whisky with 43 % ABV, matured for 3 years in American white oak.
  • Stonewood Smokey Monk: 3 year old single malt whisky with 40 % ABV, destilled from beech smoked malt and matured in American white oak.