Stauning presents Rye, Smoke and Kaos in a new design

The core range changes to a new bottle size


The Danish whisky distillery Stauning combines the traditional art of distilling with a great deal of inventive talent. Their whiskies, made from grain that is malted in a floor malting process, are as individual as the prehistory of the distillery founders. Being all non-whisky-professionals before, they have successfully realized the dream of being Danish self-made distillery operators.

Stauning whisky is now internationally recognized meanwhile. “It captures the smell of the land, the dunes, the heather and the wind. A whisky that reflects the place: open, wild, relaxed, pure,” enthuses whisky author Dave Broom.

With three different products, Stauning has an impressive core range to offer: Stauning Rye, Smoke and Kaos are the names of the whiskies, which are presented in a stylish new design and now in 0.7-liter bottles. These whiskies are produced in small batches that are named on the label. All Stauning Whiskies are bottled uncolored and unchill filtered.

The Danish artist Asbjørn Staunstrup Lund is responsible for the elaborate illustrations on the new Stauning bottles. They tell the story of the distillery and are impressively printed off on the matt, black coating of the bottles.

Stauning Danish Whisky Rye

It is the heart of the Stauning range: the Stauning Rye Whisky is made from 51% malted rye and 49% malted barley. It combines an unmistakable, spicy grain note with a fruity-sweet finish. The whisky is matured in Virgin American oak barrels and bottled at 48% ABV.

Official tasting notes: freshly baked rye bread, wine gum and a touch of pepper on the nose. Soft dried fruits, ripe cherries and peppery oak are balanced on the palate by vanilla and citrus peel, which leads to a long and soft, at the same time peppery and fruity-sweet finish.

Stauning Danish Whisky Smoke

This single malt gets its smokiness from the drying of the barley malt with smoke from peat and some heather - a combination that gives the Stauning Smoke its individual aroma. The whisky is matured in ex-bourbon barrels, more precisely in first fill barrels from Makers Mark. It is bottled at 47% ABV.

Official tasting notes: The taste of buzzing bees and the heather of the moorland in a bottle: Gentle smoke from the campfire mixes with elegant notes of citrus fruits and honey. An intense composition of tobacco, nuts, vanilla and fresh herbs opens up in the mouth.

Stauning Danish Whisky Kaos

“Actually everything Stauning does in one bottle,” distributor Kirsch Import describes the grain whisky Stauning Kaos. The rye whisky is married to the smoky malt of the distillery, which by no means results in a chaotic aroma confusion, but in 46% complexity.

Official tasting notes: grain, chocolate, oak, caramel, cinnamon and campfire introduce the complex enjoyment. The taste of Kaos is reminiscent of a smoked chocolate bar with notes of nougat, caramel, liquorice, sweet apple and oak. The long, smoky finish is characterized by vanilla, orange, tobacco, dried red fruits and more oak.

Image: Kirsch Import