Starward Whisky Projects: Dolce, Ginger Beer and Tawny

Sweet wine and fruity-spicy beer meet Australian single malt whisky


The Australian distillery Starward is more and more expanding its product range in the European market. In addition to the standards such as the Starward Two-Fold or the Starward Nova, limited bottlings with special cask maturations and finishes are launched as “Starward Whisky Projects”.

The distillery, which we presented here in the news in August last year, is very creative. The Starward Tawny for example was completely matured in Australian strong wine casks (comparable to port wine), the Dolce got a finish in dessert wine casks in which the Australian variant of the Italian Marsala was matured. A third, called Starward Projects Ginger Beer Finish, presents a completely different aromatic direction and was rounded off in former ginger beer casks.

Starward Dolce

"Temptingly dark, it combines juicy wine notes, oak spice, caramelized marshmallows and coke with a Sicilian-inspired sweetness", the German distributor Kirsch Import describes the Starward Dolce. The maturation in Australian red wine casks, which is the basis for many Starward whiskies, was followed by a finish in casks in which sweet dessert wine was previously stored. The single malt Starward Dolce is limited to 4,800 bottles and was bottled at 48% ABV.

Starward Projects Ginger Beer

The basis for this single malt is the Starward Solera. The Solera is matured in Apera casks, an equivalent to Spanish sherry casks. From the Boatrocker Brewery Starward gets casks in which their ginger beer was stored, a beer that was, among other things, flavored with fresh ginger, lemongrass and lemon peel. The Starward Projects Ginger Beer Cask Finish Batch 5 was finished in these beer casks for 30 months. Starward describes the whisky as characterized by spicy ginger, which is skilfully balanced with sweetness. Aromas of dark chocolate, fig, pineapple and vanilla further can be found. As this is currently already batch 5 of the Starward Projects Ginger Beer Finish, it seems to be very propular among the Starward fans. Limited to 1,400 bottles, it offers 48% ABV.

Starward Tawny

"A decadent after-dinner whisky" is what the Starward distillery calls this Single Malt on their homepage. The Starward Tawny won top awards last year at many renowned spirits competitions. It is no whisky with a finish, but was matured completely in casks that previously held fortified wine. We know such strong wine mainly from Portugal under the name port wine. In the description of the Tawny, the distillery raves about aromas of dried oranges, raisins, brown sugar, nutmeg and toasted oak and compares it to a full-bodied, creamy dessert. The Starward Tawny is limited to 4,000 bottles, it was also bottled at 48% ABV.