Starward Whisky: New star in the whisky sky

The Australian whisky brand relies on wine casks


The whisky world is currently realizing what wine connoisseurs have long been aware of: Australia should be kept an eye on. Several whisky distilleries have popped up there in the last few years, which also started to conquer the European market with their products. While labels like Hellyers, Sullivans Cove or Nant whisky are products from Tasmania, Starward Whisky is at home in the Australian metropolis of Melbourne.

Two releases from the distillery, that was founded by David Vitale, born and raised in Melbourne, are now available in European countries, e.g. Germany: Starward Nova and Starward Two-Fold. The Australian whisky wants to go starwards and reach for the stars.

Expression of a changing whisky culture

"Connoisseurs in this country can look forward to whiskies that open their own, an Australian category," says Christoph Kirsch, owner of German distributor Kirsch Import. "They are also an expression of a changed whisky culture that breaks myths and conventions in order to fully indulge in the enjoyment of a premium spirit." The Starward Whisky is recommended as a drink in every situation, whether pure, with coke, with pizza or banana bread, dignified with a thriller on the couch or sociable at a BBQ with friends. Anything goes!

Australian red wine casks in focus

The grain is sourced locally from farms within a day's drive of Melbourne. When it comes to the selection of casks in which the Stardward Whisky matures, the producer does not reach for the stars, but prefers what is right at his feet: Australian wine casks shape the Starward. In the changeable climate around Melbourne ("Four seasons a day" - don't we know that from Scotland, too?) with an average temperature of 22.5 °, the whisky matures quite quickly, we learn from the current press release.

  • Starward Nova
    Made from brewing barley and matured in red wine casks from the Yarra Valley and Barossa Valley, this single malt whisky presents an aroma of dried fruit and a nutty flavor. Starward
  • Two-Fold
    Two distillates, which mature separately in red wine casks, are made from barley malt, but also from wheat. The distillery calls it “double grain”, in the classic sense we would probably call it blended whisky. In 2019, the round, soft Two-Fold was named Best Australian Blended Whisky at the World Whiskies Awards.

Images: Starward / Kirsch Whisky