Starward Left-Field: Fully matured in red wine casks

The new single malt whisky from the Australian distillery impresses with its fruitiness


We recently reported about the limited Starward Whisky Projects bottlings, now there is a new whisky from the young Australian Starward Distillery that will enrich their core range in Germany: the single malt Starward Left-Field.

The Starward Distillery's whiskys are usually bottled after three to four years of maturation. Thanks to the Australian climate with constant weather changes, they undergo a relatively quick maturation and get intense aromas due to the intensive interaction with the casks during this time.

Matured in Australian red wine casks

The Starward Left-Field spends its entire maturation period in wine casks made of French oak. The distillery gets them from the leading Australian wine regions Barossa Valley and Yarra Valley, where they were shaped by the local red wine. Only some of the casks are additionally burned out before being filled with the Starward new make in order to add additional aromas to the whisky.

The Left-Field is a very fruity, very soft all-rounder. Would you expect a young whisky matured exclusively in red wine casks to be so soft, subtly spicy but very fruity? Probably not. But this whisky is “out of left field” - surprising and unexpected.

Whisky fans here will probably prefer to enjoy the single malt straight. The Australian metropolis Melbourne, from which the Starward whisky originates, is known for its unconventional, innovative food and bar scene and here they also like to drink whisky with their meals, enjoy it with tonic or in a cocktail. The Starward Distillery, especially founder David Vitale, recommends: Anything that pleases and tastes is allowed.

The Starward Left-Field is bottled at 40% ABV. It is neither coloured nor chill-filtered.

Tasting notes for the Starward Left-Field

Nose: Tropical fruits with aromas of red apple and fresh red berries.

Palate: Full-bodied, intense with light tropical fruits and notes of roasted oak.

Finish: More delicate with soft tannins and the flavour of French oak casks.

Incidentally, in addition to this announcement of the new Left-Field bottling, there is unfortunately also a swan song for another: The Starward Two-Fold will disappear from the German and probably other European markets.

Images: Starward Distillery