St. Kilian Signature Edition Two: Matured in Amarone wine casks

Various malts and different cask sizes provide a special flavor profile


The second single malt whisky from St. Kilian was released. "Two" is its name and it follows chronologically the edition "One", which was presented in May. You can find St.Kilian Signature Edition Two in several German whisky shops - as long as the limited edition is available.

The distillery in Rüdenau in Lower Franconia distilles in the Scottish way in pot stills from Forsyths of Rothes and uses either peated malt, which is sourced from Scotland, or unpeated malt from Weyermann Maltings in Bamberg. The malt that was used for Edition Two is a special blend of different malted barlys (Pilsen malt, Munich malt, Caramünch and Melanoidin malt).

Amarone wine casks of different sizes

This joy in experimentation is also evident in the wide variety of casks St. Kilian uses to mature the whisky: while Edition One was batcht from bourbon, rum, sherry casks and even by adding a little whisky matured in chestnut casks, master distiller Mario Rudolf and his team exclusively used casks in which previously Amarone red wine was stored for the St. Kilian Signature Edition Two.

The voluminous, sweet wine, for which the grapes are first dried for several months, gave its own stamp to the casks, which they then passed on to maturing whisky in the form of fruity, creamy notes. However, in order to achieve a spicy rounding and a more complex flavor, different sizes of Amarone casks were used for the Two. About two-thirds of the casks that were used were 325-liter-casks, a good one-third 225-liter casks, and there was also a little amount of whisky from small 50-liter casks batched.

The three-year-old St. Kilian Signature Edition Two was bottled with 54.2% ABV, with natural color and without chill filtration.

Tasting notes for the St. Kilian Signature Edition Two

Appearance: Amber with a rosé accent

Aroma White peach, ripe raspberries and creamy strawberry biscuit playing along with a fine hint of malt and a hint of fresh mint

Taste: Sweet toffees and fruity berry dessert are followed by a spicy intermezzo with hints of grain, cocoa and aromatic oak

Finish: A long finish with fine oak, caramel and fruit notes


Images: St. Kilian Distillers