St. Kilian Signature Edition Six relies on regionality

Franconian malt and Franconian wine casks characterize the new single malt from Rüdenau


With their next single malt, German St. Kilian Distillers once again present an unpeated whisky: St. Kilian Signature Edition Six is presented as a "Franconian" whisky that was made using Franconian barley malt and a significant proportion of Franconian wine casks. It should go on sale this October.

The St. Kilian Distillery is at home in the Franconian town of Rüdenau and uses malt from Scotland for their peated whisky, but German malt from Weyermann Maltings in Bamberg / Upper Franconia for its unpeated whisky. Numerous different barley malts are produced there and the preservation of old barley varieties is important to the company. The “Barke” malt St. Kilian uses is a malt made from a traditional two-row summer brewing barley, which offers slightly less alcohol than modern varieties, but a very intense and broad aroma.

When choosing the casks for the St. Kilian Signature Edition Six, emphasis was placed on Franconian influence: 30% of the whisky comes from Ex-Pinot Noir casks (French oak) from the Fürst winery in nearby Bürgstadt. 25% was matured in ex-bourbon barrels from Old Forester and 45% in ex-rye barrels from Early Times, both made from American white oak. St. Kilian Signature Edition Six was distilled in 2016 and 2017, now bottled with an alcohol content of 47.5% ABV.

Official tasting notes for the St. Kilian Signature Edition Six

Appearance: yellow gold Nose: fine tannic acid, ripe grapes

Taste: a fine sweetness at the start, followed by aromas of wine and aromas of grain

Finish: fine flavor, sweet, dry and long-lasting


Image: St. Kilian Distillers