St. Kilian Signature Edition Five: matured in virgin oak

Five different types of American and European oak were used for this German single malt whisky


The fifth edition of the St. Kilian Single Malt Whisky is an unpeated version: for this edition the distillery concentrated on virgin oak casks. Single malt whisky from five different virgin oak casks was batched for the St. Kilian Signature Edition Five, which will be released on June 27, 2020, the German Whisky Day.

Get to know St. Kilian Whisky in all its facets

After two unpeated and two peated signature editions, fans of the Rüdenau distillery can now look forward to an unpeated St. Kilian Whisky again. The St. Kilian guys have always been keen to experiment and vary the use of peated and unpeated malt as well as a wide variety of casks. For the former "Spirit of St. Kilian" series, the team headed by master distiller Mario Rudolf had given their distillate a wide variety of aromatic characters and presented the exciting results of exploring the possibilities of maturation. Now you can get to know St. Kilian Whisky in a further variation: only matured in virgin oak casks.

Five different types of oak

A few years ago, the St. Kilian team visited a large barrel manufacturer in Kentucky to find out more about American oak and about wood selection and production. The American white oak is one of the types of wood that shaped the St. Kilian Signature Edition Five. In the latest press release, the distillery reveals which five types of casks have been batched for the St. Kilian Signature Edition Five: “Virgin 1 34% American white oak 190 l cask / Virgin 2 26% European oak 190 l cask / Virgin 3 20 % Hybrid: America / France 200 l cask / Virgin 4 13% Palatinate oak 50 l cask / Virgin 5 7% Hungarian oak 100 l cask."

The whisky for the three-year-old St. Kilian Signature Edition Five was distilled between October 2016 and April 2017. It was bottled at 52.5% ABV and is limited to 6,000 bottles. These are again the very individual 0.5 liter St.Kilian bottles in the shape of a pot still.

Producer’s tasting notes for the St. Kilian Signature Edition Five

Colour: Dark oak

Nose: Dark, fully ripe cherries and cedarwood

Taste: Sweet fruit notes, fine oak aroma followed by a spicy herbal note and a hint of ginger

Finish: Spicy, long-lasting and with a fine sweetness - delicate and complex


Images: St. Kilian Distillers