St. Kilian Four: The latest and as well the smokiest whisky release from the St. Kilian Distillery

Andalusian sherry casks for a fruity and spicy character of the German single malt


When St. Kilian Distillers presented their third single malt edition St. Kilian Three in November 2019 it was a composition of peated Scottish malt and unpeated German malt. Now with the St. Kilian Four they brought the full smoky power of the heavily peated malt (54 ppm ) from Glenesk Maltings into the bottle. It’s the distillery’s smokiest whisky release so far and will be available from January 31, 2020.

The three-year-old St. Kilian Four was matured full time in Andalusian sherry casks, enriching the single malt whisky with deep fruity and spicy notes. Half of the casks were Oloroso sherry casks and the other half PX sherry casks - dry Oloroso sherry for nutty, spicy aromas and PX sherry for sweet notes of raisins and candied fruit. Malt and wood collection leads to a rich aromatic profile, which the tasting notes describe as follows:

Tasting Notes for the St. Kilian Four

Strong, warm campfire smoke clears up for fruity sherry aromas with sweet raisins, creamy butter caramel fudge, fresh apple and subtle hints of spicy tobacco and leather.

Full-bodied and intensive with aromatic peat smoke, accompanied by a blend of dried plums, dates and raisins, rounded off with a hint of vanilla and dark chocolate with fleur de sel.

Long and spicy-warm with fine sherry notes and gently fading smoke.

Images: St. Kilian Distillers

Master Distiller Mario Rudolf creating the St. Kilian Four