St. Kilian Chardonnay 2016/2020: an unpeated single cask edition

The German single malt whisky was fully matured the wine cask


With the St. Kilian Chardonnay 2016/2020, the retailer exclusively offers a special single cask edition of the distillery in Franconian Rüdenau: The whisky was matured completely in a Chardonnay wine cask and was bottled at 57.5% ABV, neither colored nor chill filtered.

Meanwhile, the young St. Kilian distillery has presented a wide aromatic range of its repertoire with the unpeated Edition 1 and Edition 2, the peated Edition 3 and the heavily peated Edition 4. Single cask bottlings complement the St. Kilian Signature Editions, such as this St. Kilian Chardonnay. For this, unpeated malt was used. So if you want to get a not smoky St Kilian in your glass again after the last two smoky Signature Editions, this St. Kilian Chardonnay will be the right one.

The spirit was distilled on October 5, 2016 and then matured into whisky in an Ex-Chardonnay cask until February 4, 2020. Chardonnay is a very popular white wine grown worldwide and usually has a very fruity note and a fairly high alcohol content.

In the St. Kilian Distillery, production is done in the traditional Scottish way with two pot stills, which were made by the Forsyths company from Rothes, individually designed for the Franconian distillery. An ascending lyne arm and a special reflux condenser ensure an increased reflux and thus a very fine, fruity distillate. The unpeated malt is bought from German Weyermann Maltings in Bamberg, while the peated malt comes from Glenesk Maltings, Scotland.