Spirit of Yorkshire Distillery: From grain to glass

Whisky production already started

The Spirit of Yorkshires Distillery has opened a new chapter in the history of the North English county by starting to produce whisky. It is quite surprising that there hadn’t been a whisky distillery before: the region of Yorkshire Wolds where the Spirit of Yorkshire Distillery is situated is known as the heart of the regional barley production. As a result there is a high number of breweries here in Yorkshire.

Barley and water from the own farm

One of these breweries belongs to Tom Mellor. It is the Wold Top Brewery and was built on his farm near Hunmanby. Here he grows about 350 acres of barley and he also owns his own water source. So it was a small step to increase the business and produce whisky, too. Together with his partner David Thompson Mellor made his dream come true: 10 months ago the Spirit of Yorkshire Distillery started whisky production.

Spirit of Yorkshire Distillery opens visitor center

The Spirit of Yorkshire Distillery is only 3 miles away from Mellor’s farm. It was planned and constructed with the advice of whisky expert Dr. Jim Swan who passed away last year. It took about four years until the distillery was ready and started production. From Easter Monday on a visitor center, offering distillery tours, and a coffee shop will be opened for the public.

Focus on ex-Bourbon casks

Anticipation is 15.000 visitors at Spirit of Yorkshire Distillery during the first year. But it will take several years until a dram of Spirit of Yorkshire Single Malt Whisky will be the final highlight of each distillery tour. The spirit will have to rest in casks in the warehouses for maturation. And this will mainly be ex-Bourbon casks for the standard Spirit of Yorkshire Single Malt Whisky. Later on there will also be whisky from other types of casks as Sherry or red wine to increase the portfolio.