Spirit of St. Kilian Batch 7: Last edition of the distillery’s young spirits series before the first single malt whisky will be released

The “Lucky Seven” was created together with fans of the German St. Kilian Distillery

The bottlings of young malt spirits, presented as "Spirit of St. Kilian", want to give a preview of what we can expected of the whisky from the distillery in Rüdenau. Different types of casks, different times of maturation, sometimes peated, sometimes unpeated - the aromatic range of the six Spirits of St. Kilian published so far is wide. The now released seventh release is a batch of different types of casks, selected by Master Distiller Mario Rudolf and his colleague Pat Hock, assisted by five whisky fans. Being part of the process to design a new bottling – it was an especial and valuable experience for the winners of a fan competition.

"Lucky Seven" was matured in virgin oak, Bourbon and Sherry casks

This seventh batch of the Spirit of St. Kilian is a special one: malt spirit from three bourbon casks, one PX Sherry cask, one Oloroso Sherry cask and one American Virgin Oak cask, distilled in 2016 and 2017, were batched and released as a limited edition of 4,600 bottles of 0.35 liters at 44% ABV, uncolored and unchill-filtered. The name is "Lucky Seven", the age statement 22 months. The next bottling of the St. Kilian Distillery is announced for May 2019 and will be their first single malt whisky.

Producer’s tasting notes for the Spirit of St. Kilian Batch 7

Color: golden honey

Nose: Batch 7 starts gently with sweet garden fruits and warm, malted malt in the glass. After a few minutes patient connoisseurs will discover chocolate flavors, butterscotch popcorn, vanilla and fine woody notes.

Palate: Creamy and full-bodied the aroma starts with ripe apples and pears, sweet vanilla and a little piece of freshly baked banana bread. Heavy fruity aromas of sherry, sultanas and butterscotch develop. Fine oak notes and a subtle spice are present for a grand finale.

Finish: The finish is long and creates a sweet and spicy finale with fruity accents, notes of applesauce, white pepper and oak.

Photo: St. Kilian Distillers GmbH