Spirit of St. Kilian Batch 5: Late summer in a glass

Matured for 27 months in Amarone barrels

It didn’t take long until 5 followed 4: Two months ago we reported here about the Spirit of St. Kilian Batch 4, now the young German distillery presented its next bottling of a not-yet-whisky.

Italian late summer in a glass

The Spirit of St. Kilian Batch 4 was named The Peat Marriage” and so it is no surprise that it has got a smoky character. Different from that the new batch doesn’t show any smoky aromas. It was matured in Amarone wine barrels from the Italian winery Lenotti in Valpolicella. This wine is made from dried grapes with a very high sugar content. There’s still some sugar left in it when it is maturing and so fermentation is going on in the developing wine. The result is Amarone wine with a high alcohol content and an opulent taste.

Matured for 27 months, bottled with 50% vol

This wine left its footprint in those barrels that afterwards hosted non-peated new spirit of St. Kilian. The spirit took benefits from it and developed aromas of red wine, marzipan and dark fruits. Malty-sweet and freshly-strong – this is how the Team of St. Kilian visualizes the taste of a late summer. Spirit of St. Kilian Batch 5 is bottled with 50% ABV, limited to 4.900 bottles of 0,35 liter.

So what’s next?

There’s still some time until the first whisky of St. Kilian will be released in May 2019. We’ll probably see some more young spirits in the meantime to get an impression of the variety and possibilities of the distillery and its warehouse. And indeed, the bottlings give proof of the skills and art of master distiller Mario Rudolf and his team. In an interview that was published with the actual press release Rudolf said that he doesn’t know yet how many batches of Spirit of St. Kilian there will be. But he gives some sneak preview telling that next time the friends of wood and peat will probably get crazy.