Spirit of St. Kilian Batch 4 released

The first smoky edition of the not-yet-whisky "Spirit of St. Kilian" from the German distillery at Rüdenau

Whether connoisseurs or collectors (which of course don’t exclude each other) are the main customers can only be guessed, but the limited editions of the matured spirit of the St. Kilian Distillery sell like hot cakes. The fourth batch of the Spirit of St. Kilian is bigger than the ones before and consists of 4.000 bottles but it can be assumed it will also be sold out in a short time.

With smoky regards from Rüdenau

“The Peat Marriage” is the first batch of Spirit of St. Kilian that presents a heavily smoky aroma. The malt spirit gets its character from the marriage of different new makes which furthermore were matured in seven different casks. They all have in common that this maturation took at least 16 months. The spirit bears the signature of the S. Kilian team said Master Distiiler Mario Rudolf, but it was definitely inspired by the fascination for the whisky makers of the Isle of Islay. And thus an ex-Islay cask was one of the casks that were used for Batch 4

Seven different casks married for the Spirit of St. Kilian Batch 4

Two different new makes were used, and they were produced from different malts: The White Dog is made from unpeated malt, the Turf Dog from peated one. This fruity White Dog was matured in two casks that before hold peated Islay whisky. The Turf Dog stayed in a 190-liter-cask of virgin oak and four 55-liter-Bourbon-casks of Garrison Brothers Distillery. These little quarter casks enable the spirit to develop very fast and after a short while it already presents rich notes of vanilla, honey and marzipan.

The casks stayed in the warehouse between 16 and 21 months before they were married to be the Spirit of St. Kilian Batch 4. It combines the fruity and marzipan aromas with a heavy smoky touch. To be exact it includes two kinds of smokiness, the smoke of the peated malt and the smoke that is due to the Islay cask influence. Spirit of St. Kilian The Peat marriage!