Smögen Single Malt Whisky: Heavy smoke from Sweden

Handcrafted Swedish whisky


The Smögen Distillery is situated at the Skagerrak coast in the north-west of Sweden, north of Gothenburg. It is focusing on peated single malt whisky. Their small batch products are meanwhile not only available in Sweden itself, but also abroad like for example in Germany.

At Smögen, they not just talk about craft whisky, they also make it: The lawyer Pär Caldenby is a whisky author („Enjoying Malt Whisky“) and enthusiast and, since August 2010, a proud whisky producer. He built his whisky distillery with its two 900 and 600 liter pot stills and a worm tub condenser on an old farm, using his own hands and financial support from the Scottish. He himself also acts as the master distiller and is responsible for the quality of the Smögen Single Malt Whisky.

The very smoky whisky, which according to the importer Kirsch Import meets the peat level of a Caol Ila or Ballechin, is made from Scottish malt. The maturing whisky is stored on site, bottled in small batches without chill-filtration and with natural colour.

There are currently two Smögen bottlings available: An 8-year-old Smögen made from bourbon and sherry casks, which was bottled at 59.8% ABV, presents aromas of pears, tars, vanilla, nuts, liquorice and citrus fruits. The Smögen 100 Proof was matured in Oloroso Sherry Quarter Casks for at least 6 years and bottled at 57.1% ABV. It shows an aroma profile of peat smoke, dried fruits, vanilla, tar, cinnamon and orange.

Image: Kirsch Import