Slane Distillery fills first barrel

The Irish distillery is situated in historic buildings of Slane Castle

Filling the first barrel with new make spirit is one of the most important milestones of a new distillery. The Irish Slane Distillery, County Meath, now celebrated this event and proudly prepared the first barrels for their maturation time.

Construction of Slane Distillery started in autumn 2015. The American company Brown-Forman invested $50 mio on this project which is their first construction of a new distillery outside the US. Brown-Forman entered into a partnership with the Conyngham Family who owns the Slane Castle estate, situated in the heart of the Boyne Valley, 30 miles north of Dublin, since 1703. The distillery has been placed into the historic steadings of the castle.

The new spirit for the first barrels of Slane Distillery was produced from barley that was grown here on the Slane Castle Estate, cultivated by the Conyngham Family. According to the newest press release the annual production is planned to be 600.000 cases (5.4 mio litres of alcohol). In addition to three pot stills there is also a column still in use: Slane Distillery will produce malt as well as grain and pot still whiskey.

Pictures: Slane Distillery/Brown-Forman