Sild Crannog Edition 2018 in sight

Matured on a fishing boat in the climate of Sylt

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The isle that forms its aromatic character also gives this single malt its name: “Sild” is the historic Danish name of the Isle of Sylt in the North Sea. The Sild Crannog is distilled in the Bavarian Slyrs Distillery but matured here on Sylt or to be exact: off the coast of Sylt. The old fishing boat “Angel’s Share” lies at anchor in the harbor of List and it hosts 30 casks of whisky that are thus exposed to the climate and the movements of the sea. Now the Sild Crannog Edition 2018 has been announced.

A rolling fishing boat and a sea breeze 

In 2015 Anton Stetter and Hans Kemenater from the Slyrs Distillery together with Alexander Sievers from Sylt Wine Trader Heiliger created the project Sild Whisky and founded the company Sylt Destillerie GmbH. In Büsum they found an old fishing boat that was on offer and transferred it to List to be a lower-cost variant of a warehouse on Sylt. This variant also has provides a special chance: Because of the constant movements of the ship, named Angel’s Share, the whisky is also constantly in motion and gets intensive contact to the wood.

While the word “Sild” is of Danish origin, “Crannog” is Gaelic and means pile dwellings and artificial created islands. The Angel’s Share is no pile dwelling in the original meaning but because it constantly lies at anchor the comparison is reasonable. The casks that are filled with spirit from the Slyrs Distillery only have a volume of 110 liters and this leads to a fast maturation.At the age of three years the Sild Crannog Single Malt Whisky is bottled. The local character, the „terroir“ is not only caused by the climate but also by the barley that is used: it grows here on Sylt. And last but not least the whisky is reduced to 48% ABV with spring water from Sylt. The Sild Crannog Edition 2018 is limited to 4.987 bottles.

Tastingnotes of the producer for the Sild Crannog 2018:

Colour: medium to deep amber

Aroma: smoky-leathery, light vanilla notes and toffee, a hint of peat, fruity with apricot and ripe honeydew melon, spicy and well balanced

Palate: very creamy and round in flavor, full-bodied, soft sweetness, curing salt and iodine, interesting interplay of mellow sweetness, saltiness and spicy acerbity

Finish: very long and complex

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