Second whisky distillery planned on Arran

Tradition of whisky production will be revived in the south of the island

Very successfully the Isle of Arran Distillery has been producing single malt whisky in Lochanza since 1995. Recently they proudly presented an 18 years old Arran Single Malt as a new constant member of the core rang. Now the operating company Isle of Arran Distillery Ltd. revealed their plans to build a new distillery in the south of the island. Required applications and consultations are on their way and the company hopes planning permission will be submitted end of April. Lagg was chosen as the location of the new distillery. Until 1837 there had once been a licensed distillery before and this tradition is to be rived now. A producing distillery with a visitor center will intensify tourism in the south of Arran and this probably increases the chances for the submission of the planning permission through local authorities.

Whisky production on Arran geared to expansion

Since August 2015 we know the Isle of Arran Distillery Ltd. is heading for expansion: they announced their plans to double the annual production by installing two new stills in their distillery at Lochranza. In addition new blending rooms will be built. With the new whisky distillery in Lagg another increase of the company’s production capacity will be possible. According to some sources as the production of peated whisky as the Arran Machrie Moor is to be concentrated in the new southern distillery. And as whisky distilleries with increasing production need distinctly more space for maturation this will also be part of the new project.

Tradition meets modern

In Lagg the tradition of whisky distilling is to experience a revival but regarding the design of the distillery modern standards will be applied. This can be seen in the drafts that were published on Arran Distillery’s Facebook Site. Architect Denham Benn has drawn up buildings that are nestled into the landscape with flat elongated roofs. Large window areas enable free view into production areas and still room.