Second release of Bowmore Vault Edition available

The Islay distillery presents "Peat Smoke" the second whisky of the limited series

"Peat Smoke" now available

The Bowmore distillery has released the second release of their Vault Edition series. This bottling is named "Peat Smoke" and is dedicated to the smoky character of the Islay distillery. The first Bowmore Vault Edition is known as "Atlantic Sea Salt" with the focus on the maritime, salty side of Single Malts, released 2017. Both releases are limited editions and were bottled at a relatively high alcoholic content: the Bowmore Vault Edition First Release at 51.5% ABV and the Bowmore Vault Edition Second Release at 50.1% ABV.

The name of the series pays tribute to the legendary warehouse of the Bowmore Distillery, where the casks are stored under the influence of the sea breeze on the Isle of Islay. This "No. 1 Vaults ", whose basement vaults are below sea level, was built in 1779, so it can look back on a history of 240 years.

Tasting notes for the Bowmore Vault Edition II

golden brown
Aroma: peat, sweet, rich ashes, caramel, leathery with a spicy touch of thyme, rosemary and mint
Taste: Sweet cherry, overripe fruits, smokehouse and volcanic ash
Finish: Sweet, creamy with a light minerality