Scottish politician suggests transfer of Dallas Dhu

The Speyside distillery could be reactivated

Speculations about the possibility to reopen Dallas Dhu Distillery don’t cease. But quite the contrary: According to an article in The Spirits Business Richard Lochhead, Member of the Scottish Parliament, asked Diageo to transfer the ownership of Dallas Dhu to the government. This statement will probably cause refresh the discussion.

Rebirth of Dallas Dhu possible

The feasibility of restarting the production at Dallas Dhu was proofed in 2013 when Historic Environment Scotland commissioned detailed studies. We reported here. The agency of the Scottish Government that recently was renamed and known as Historic Scotland before runs the former Speyside distillery Dallas Dhu as a museum in the moment. All steps of whisky production are explained very extensively here. This is possible not least because of the very good preserved equipment including pot stills that have been mothballed 20 years ago and started a deep sleep.

Dallas Dhu in Scottish hands?

The ongoing plans for a reactivation of Dallas Dhu could be simplified and accelerated according to Lochhead if Diageo transferred the ownership of the site, distilling, water and the Brand Dallas Dhu to the Scottish Government. Scotland itself as an owner and operator of a working whisky distillery – that’s probably a very attractive idea for those who mind that most Scottish distilleries are in the hands of big spirits companies or foreign investors. Let’s look forward to Diageo’s reaction!