Scotch Whisky exports rose again

In volume as well as in value export figures of Scotch increased for the second consecutive year

The Scotch Whisky Association (SWA) published its yearly figures and as the year before these figures are of increasing character and show a growing export of Scotch Whisky. In 2017 1,23 billion bottles were exported. Scotch whisky exports showed a plus of 1.6% regarding volume and 8.9% regarding value. The category of Scotch Single Malt even could perform a plus of 14.2% which leads to an export value of £1.17 billion.

Largest export market for Scotch whisky, if you look at the values, are the US with £922 mio (a plus of 7.7%), followed by France (£433 mio) and Singapore (£291 mio). Concerning the export volume France is on top of the list with 178 mio bottles as the year before, followed by the US and India.

About 30% of its global trade happens in the EU, says Karen Betts, CEO of the SWA. No wonder that the SWA sees the Brexit-future with mixed feelings and is calling for contracts with the EU and other core trading nations that will further on guarantee frictionless trade.

More figures and detailed information can be taken from the report on the SWA homepage.