Scallywag Easter Edition No.3 and Big Peat's Pals presented

Douglas Laing’s unequal couple of new releases

Let us introduce you to two editions of independent bottler Douglas Laing that were released on special occasions. One is the Scallywag Easter Edition No. 3, the other one a limited edition of the smoky Big Peat, which was created for this year's festival on Islay in late May.

Scallywag Easter Edition No.3 with a lot of Sherry casks influence

Many a Scallywag fan has been anxiously waiting for his own personal Easter egg. Now this year's Scallwag Easter Edition has arrived and is available in the stores. This is the third time that the independent bottler Douglas Laing has equipped the little family dog with Easter bunny ears. If you live outside Germany you must be strong now: The Scallywag Easter Edition was released only for the German market. The bottling is limited to 600 bottles. For this special edition the whisky – only single malts from the Speyside - was blended with a particularly high proportion of Sherry cask matured whisky. The Scallywag Easter Edition No.3 was bottled at 46% ABV as we are used to from the standard bottlings of Douglas Laing's Regional Malts, unchill-filtered and without colouring.

Is your Big Peat face on the box?

In December, we reported here on Douglas Laing's call to send in an own portrait with a "Big Peat face" to decorate the packaging of the upcoming Feis Ile bottling. Now this special Big Peat’s Pals 2019 was presented, decorated with 400 faces of Big Peat fans worldwide. There will be 3,300 bottles available, bottled at 48% ABV. It is launched globally, so you needn’t go and get your bottle at the Feis Ile at Islay. But if you see a chance to join the festival– don’t hesitate!

Online birthday party announced for Big Peat's 10th birthday

2019 is a special year for the Big Peat: the popular heavily peated blended malt has been around for 10 years now. The special edition Big Peat’s Pals is an homage to the fans all over the world. But there was another announcement of Douglas Laing today: There will be a special "Online Birthday Party" in the form of a virtual master class, hosted on Big Peat's Facebook profile. Members of the Big Peat community will be invited to join - more info will be posted on Facebook soon.