Säntis Snow White VI launched

A whisky edition with an orange liquor finish

With its Säntis Snow White the Suisse Brauerei Locher AG releases a single malt with a very special trait as they do every year. Meanwhile the sixth limited edition of Snow White has been launched. Following finishes in apple brandy, mulled beer, Vieille prune, Vieille Poire and apricot brandy casks, this year’s Snow White No 6 enjoyed a one-year maturation in orange liquor casks after it had spent five years in old beer casks.

A finish in orange liquor casks

The casks for this finish are of French origin, they came from this country that was the cradle of orange liquors based on cognac. The brand name of this special liquor that prepared the casks for the Snow White No 6 is not revealed but a hint that is given in the press release concerning a “Cordon Rouge” surely makes it very easy for friends of those kind of liquor to guess its name.

The bottle was designed to be a real beautiful eyecatcher: the graphic designer Philip Broger was inspired by the zodiac signs of Perseus and Andromeda showing up over the Suisse Seealpsee. 2.000 numbered 0.5 liter bottles of Säntis Snow White VI are available, 492 of them in Germany.

Official tasting notes by Julia Nourney for the Snow White VI:

Colour: Amber with orange reflections

Nose: ripe fruit aromas, mostly apples, dried pears and cests from sweet oranges, mellow and creamy, orange milk with slight wood influence, subtle floral with gentle lavender aromas, the smell reminds me of a summer’s day at the beach, you can to picture the warm sand and the sunscreen.

Palate: intensive, ripe-fruity aromas, including oranges, but they are not dominant and primarily present their cesty side; the foundation id formed by malt with medium roast and mellow spice notes; in the mouth you can again register the slightly camphoresque lavender aroma, but now there’s also a wood structure with tannins noticeable, difficult to say whether the subtle bitter notes come from the cests or the wood.

Finish: warming and spicy, the whisky doesn’t show very fruity any longer, those are primarily cest aromas that stick oily to the palate. Remark: The orange distillate casks put their marks to the whisky, but they don’t rule it. A really harmonious combination!

Picture: Brauerei Locher AG