Rock Island Sherry Edition presented

Douglas Laing’s new release was batched from single casks of island distilleries


Just in time for the National Oyster Day on August 5th, the independent bottler Douglas Laing & Co presents a new edition of the blended malt Rock Island (formerly known as Rock Oyster), the Rock Island Sherry Edition.

It`s a very suitable date for the launch of this special bottling according to the family-run company, because the aroma of the maritime smoky blended malt goes very well with seafood. Especially this special blend of Sherry casks is perfect for a pairing with oysters.

Cara Laing, Director of Whisky, says: “Rock Island Sherry Edition exemplifies the impact exceptional Sherry butts can have on a peated, oceanic style of Whisky – when spicy sweet meets maritime peat. We are delighted with the end result – it’s a phenomenal Whisky and a wonderful dram to pair with some shellfish this National Oyster Day!”.

For the Rock Island Sherry Edition, selected single casks from Scottish island distilleries such as those on Islay, Arran, Jura and the Orkney Islands were blended. The final period of their maturing time these whiskies spent each in a sherry butt.

The Rock Island Sherry Edition was bottled without chill filtration, with natural color and with an alcohol content of 46.5% ABV.

Image: Douglas Laing & Co.