Results of Ardbeg space experiment announced

Ardbeg Supernova 2015 will be released tomorrow to honor finale of space project

Since the Islay distillery Ardbeg sent some samples of their distillate to the International Space Station ISS there have regularly been news and special releases to honor the experiment. In September last year the samples returned to earth after staying three years in microgravity and work begun for some scientists under the command of Dr. Bill Lumsden, Director of Distilling and Whisky Creation of Ardbeg.

Dr. Bill Lumsden confirms differences between earth- and space samples

The space samples were examined regarding changes of smell and taste and these variances were compared with those who stayed on earth. Many laboratory test were also done as for example measurements with gas chromatography to proof these variances scientifically. The results that Dr. Bill Lumsden proudly announced in press releases: Yes, there is a difference between storing alcohol on the ISS or on earth. He can taste these differences very distinctively and also in the laboratory measurable variations could be noted.

Lab tests show different results

For fans of the Ardbeg whisky the sensorial judgement of Dr. Lumsden will probably be the most interesting, stating that the space sample is more phenolic and smoky in smell and taste. And he discovered unusual notes in the ISS sample that remind him of violets or currents and also tasted aromas like sugared plums and cherries. The gas chromatography measuring confirmed the perception of variating smokiness because the values of a phenolic compound in the two samples showed significant differences. Tests with high performance liquid chromatography as well revealed variances in the spirit samples. If you are interested in detailed data and results you can have a look on the whitepaper. Titled „THE IMPACT OF MICRO-GRAVITY ON THE RELEASE OF OAK EXTRACTIVES INTO SPIRIT” it has been provides on the homepage of Ardbeg.

Ardbeg Supernova 2015 to finish off space episode

To bring the space project of Ardbeg to an appropriate end there be the release of Ardbeg Supernova 2015 on 12th September. It’s a limited edition that will only be available for registered Ardbeg Committee members. 100ppm and 54,3% Vol (108.6 proof) are the key data that are made public about the new single malt. It’s called a final landing so this will probably be the last release of an Ardbeg Supernova.