Restoration of Binns Clock for new Johnnie Walker Visitor Experience started

The famous Edinburgh clock to be brought back to life


The new Johnnie Walker Visitor Experience is being built at the corner of Princess Street and Hope Street in the heart of Edinburgh. The famous clock, which has been situated here at the building complex since 1960, is also included in the restoration work.

Binns Clock is named after the department store that once installed it. The Binns Clock had become a popular meeting place for appointments and is a famous institution in Edinburgh. During the last years, it has been dormant, but now it is being dismanteled and restored by the Cumbria Clock Company. The restoration affects not only the clockwork itself, but also the hand-painted figures belonging to the clock: the Pipers will then resume their march out of the clock every full and half hour.

The Johnnie Walker Visitor Experience, which is being built here in the building complex, is part of a £150m investigation project Diageo has started and which, in addition to building this Edinburgh Experience, also includes the transformation and expansion of 12 distillery visitor centers. These include Glenkinchie, Cardhu, Caol Ila and Clynelish, which, as the "Four Corners of Scotland", embody four different whisky styles and are supposed to tell the story of the Johnnie Walker Whisky, directly linked to the Johnnie Walker Experience in Edinburgh. In February 2019, we reported here in the news about the detailed plans for the Johnnie Walker Visitor Center.

Images: Diageo