Redesign of Powers Irish Whiskey presented

New bottle shape and new labels


Irish Distillers have announced a redesign of their Powers Irish Whiskey range. Launch will be in March 2020, when the Powers Gold Label will have its premiere in the new outfit on the US market. The Powers Three Swallow and Powers John’s Lane will join it there and in Ireland in mid-2020, before the rest of the world will enjoy the new design in late 2020.

The iconic “diamond P” in the center

The revision of the design concerns the shape of the bottle, which will resemble the shape of pot stills, as well as the design of the labels. The Powers Gold Label bottling will of course keep its name Gold Label, but its color will in future be a tribute to the traditional logo, the red "Diamant-P". This logo is also represented by the new form of the label. Powers Three Swallows is based on the bluish feather robe of the eponymous birds, Powers John’s Lane through the metallic sheen of the industrial progress of the Powers family through the establishment of the original distillery in 1791.

Powers Irish Whiskey production doubled

Meanwhile, the Powers Irish Whiskey is produced in the Midleton distillery since John Power & Son, John Jameson & Son and the Cork Distilleries Company merged and formed Irish Distillers in 1966. Irish Distillers informed in a press release that more than 250 million euros have been invested since 2012 so that production and bottling capacity have been doubled to meet the strong demand for Irish whiskey. 600 employees work in Cork and Dublin now.

To reach a new generation of whiskey drinkers

Conor McQuaid, Chairman and CEO of Irish Distillers commented: “Powers has been famous for its bold taste profile and character since the family distillery was established in 1791. We are excited to introduce this new look to the world and inspire a new generation with the unique history and personality of Powers. At Irish Distillers, we have pride in Powers as one of the world’s leading Irish whiskeys and we welcome this dynamic new chapter for the brand as we seek to continue the Irish whiskey renaissance around the world.”

Image: Irish Distillers