Redbreast teamed up with BirdLife International to create a limited edition

The Irish whiskey brand supports the protection of bird species diversity


Redbreast Irish Whiskey and the organization BirdLife International started a collaboration in November: Limited to 2,000 bottles, a special edition of Redbreast Irish Whiskey was released. The project that aims to raise 30.000 Euros is called "Project Wingman".

A copper redbreast jacket used as a bird feeder

What is special about it, however, is not the bottle, which is the classic Redbreast Single Pot Still 12 Years, but an additional gadget: A copper container that symbolizes a Redbreast bottle serves as the packaging of the whiskey bottle. If you take out the bottle, you can use this copper outer sheath as a bird feeder.

Laura Hanratty, Head of Prestige and Specialty Brands at Irish Distillers, said: “After much anticipation, we are extremely excited to launch the beautifully crafted whiskey casing that has been specially designed to double up as a bird feeder. We worked closely with Bird Life International to ensure the bird feeder honours our mission of helping to protect not only robins, but all common birds, as we move into the colder months and food begins to become scarce"

To support bird and habitat conservation

€15 for every Redbreast 12 Years Project Wingman sold will benefit the organization BirdLife International and thus their bird protection work to preserve biodiversity. The special Redbreast Edition, however, was not available at retailers, but was sold exclusivly by Redbreast on their own website in November and December at a price of €60.

If you didn't have a chance to purchase this special edition, but still want to support the bird world, you could make a direct donation to the organization BirdLife International and hang a conventional bird feeder your garden. The eye and heart of a whiskey fan may not be as pleased as it would if you used the copper Project Wingman feeder, but the foraging birds would still gratefully use it. And the missing Redbreast 12 Years is available at your retailer shop.

Image: Pernod Ricard