Raasay Distillery starts private cask sales

The new Scottish whisky distillery has been producing for one year now

Raasay Distillery Casks

Since September 2017 is produced in the Raasay Distillery. Gradually, the distillery warehouse on the small island off the east coast of Skye fills and now the company R & B Distillers under Alasdair Day has decided to start selling private kegs.

Up to 20 barrels are offered for sale every year. It started with American first-fill barrels, which were filled in June 2018 with non-pitched New Spirit. They are stored in the warehouse here on the Brennereigelände and can then be visited by their future owners.

Each of the barrels costs £ 5,000, which already includes the storage fees for 10 years, but not yet the taxes and costs for bottling. These are only collected when the time for bottling and delivery of the whiskey has come.

Anyone interested in such a barrel - or one of the future actions - will find information and contact options on the homepage of the Raasay Distillery. There is also the opportunity to register for the Na Tùsairean Whiskey Club, about the interested parties u.a. be supplied regularly with the current bottlings of the distillery over the next 10 years.

If all this is far too long-term, you can buy a bottle of Just We Wait, with which the Raasay Distillery wants to give you a foretaste of the expected distillery style.

Raasay Distillery Stillroom
Raasay Distillery