Portintruan is the name of the new whisky distillery on Islay

Elixir Distillers plan to start production in early 2024

The new whisky distillery on Islay has been under discussion since April 2018 and has been known under its working title "Farkin Distillery" so far. Elixir Distillers, the owners of the distillery, have now announced the official name of the future whisky distillery: Portintruan, named after the former farm on which it will be built. The Gaelic name, which means „place of the stream", is pronounced Port-nah-truan.

We reported in March 2020 on the plans for the distillery which will be situated on the road out from Port Ellen to Laphroaig, Lagavulin and Ardbeg distilleries. The production capacity is said to be one million liters of alcohol annually. Modern technology with heat recovery and a focus on sustainability are paired with "old-style production techniques", Elixir Distillers report.

A high amount of the malt used at Portintruan is to be produced on traditional malting floors on the distillery site. In addition, the wash stills will be direct-fired, using bio-diesel. Co-owner Sukhinder Singh emphasises Elixir Distillers' "flavour-led" approach, which should also shape Portintruan whisky. They plan to work with different phenol levels.

In addition to the main distillery, Portintruan will also operate an experimental distillery to develop not only different styles of whisky, but also rum. Start of production is planned for early 2024.

Image: Elixir Distillers