Port Ellen 39 yo starts the Untold Stories

"The Spirit Safe" is the first release of an exclusive series

In 1983, the Port Ellen distillery closed, but it has been very present in the media since Diageo announced to bring the distillery back to life. The reopening is planned for 2021. Until the whisky of the new production will be available, it will take quite a while, and until then, Port Ellen fans can only hope for  releases from the rare and old stock of the distillery, which has now become a more and more expensive pleasure. Port Ellen's bottlings were featured in the Special Releases since 2001, but Diageo took this iconic single malt out of this series last year to create an extra one for it. In April 2019 now this will start: A 39-year-old Port Ellen named The Spirit Safe will be released.

There will be 1,500 bottles of this exclusive bottling. The single malt was batched from ex-Bourbon and ex-Sherry casks and bottled at natural color at 50.9% ABV. The aroma is described to show the familiar smoke of Islay peat, but much softer and with a very smooth texture. Salty-sweet and smoky at the same time with a complex finish. The price is set to be £4,500.

As it fits the name "The Spirit Safe", this Port Ellen Untold Stories is delivered with two keys, one to open the packaging and the other to open the window to the bottle.