Penderyn presents Rhiannon, the 7th edition of the Icons of Wales series

This Welsh single malt whisky is dedicated to the central figure of a Welsh legend

In today’s newsletter, Penderyn announces the launch of the seventh edition of the Icons of Wales, which will enter the market in September. "Rhiannon" is the name of the new single malt whisky, which means "great queen" or "divine queen". This powerful lady was a horse goddess, an enchantress with magical powers, whose legend is told in The Mabinogi, the oldest prose work of Britain, as Penderyn explains.

The official tasting notes for the Penderyn Rhiannon,which is announced to be a Sherrywood Grand Cru finish bottled at 46% vol, also sound enchanting:

Nose: Spicy sweetness with the hint of vanilla; oak tannins, red berries, blackcurrants, hazelnuts, pears, sultanas and sweet marzipan

Smooth velvety sweetness; creamy caramel, figs, red berries, delicate frangipane, chocolate ganache and a touch of coffee

Finish: Sweet and dry with long lingering oak tannins

The Penderyn Rhiannon follows last year's Icons of Wales, the Penderyn Royal Welsh Whisky. It is a smoky whisky with a Portwood finish, created to copy the style and character of the former Frongoch whisky. The year before that the 5th Icons of Wales, the Penderyn Bryn Terfel, had been dedicated to a famous Welsh opera singer and matured in ex-bourbon barrels.