Penderyn gains planning permission for Llandudno Distillery

The next Welsh whisky distillery is scheduled to open in 2021


Everything is going as planned for the Llandudno Distillery in Wales: after the Conwy Council has approved the construction project with 12:1 votes, the previously scheduled opening date in June 2021 can be maintained - provided the further development of the Covid 19 situation will allow it, of course .

Penderyn is running the plans to build the Llandudno Distillery alongside the announced project for another whisky distillery at Swansea, which has been under discussion for some time (we reported). Since they want to convert a historic power plant there, the necessary permits are somewhat more time-consuming than for the planned distillery in Llandudno.

For the Llandudno Distillery, a former school building is being rebuilt, which latterly housed council offices. Penderyn will invest £5m and has secured a £1.4m support by the Tourism Investment Support Scheme and Food Business Investment Scheme. In addition to the distillery itself, a visitor and meeting center and parking space for 53 vehicles are also to be created.

Neil Quigley, Director of Operations at Penderyn, says: ‘We are very pleased to have passed the committee stage and are looking forward to progressing with the development of the Llandudno Lloyd St site. Our aim, and of course we are aware of the current situation with regard to Covid 19, is to commence operations at this boutique distillery later in the year in readiness for an official opening in Spring 2021. Generating a single cask per day, we are very excited about bringing Penderyn to Llandudno, and are looking forward to our large customer base in North Wales visiting the new distillery.’

Images: Penderyn Distillery

The Old Board School will be transformed into the new Llandudno Distillery