Peat’s Beast 30 Years - Smoky greetings from the beast

The Islay Mystery Malt features powerful peat smoke and batch strength


The Peat’s Beast has been thrilling the whisky world since 2011. Whether with the standard bottling at 46% ABV, with the PX in batch strength or with one of the limited editions with a considerable age - the whisky delivers what ist name promises - the peat has left its mark on the whisky.

The independent bottler does not reveal which distillery is behind it, but sometimes the origin can be narrowed down: The new Peat's Beast, 30 Years (as the 27 and 34 Year Old before) doesn‘t show up with a “Single Malt Scotch Whisky" labeling, but is called „Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky".

With a full body, rich and intense, the whisky combines the classic Islay notes of peat smoke, tar and seaweed with a dry, slightly smoky after-taste, we learn from the official description and get the tip to tame the beast with a splash of water .

The tasting notes speak of powerful peat and smoke, of savoury sweetness, sea salt, citrus and toffee, of herbs, oak and heather. Those who long for the salty sea air of Islay can find it here before the long, peaty finish takes over. The Peat’s Beast 30 Years was bottled at cask strength - or rather, of course, at batch strength - at 50.6% ABV.

It is un-chill filtered and we learn from the information on the packaging where it got ist golden colouring comes: "The whisky has been bronzed in the warmth of sweet virgin American oak."

In total, the batch only resulted in 1752 bottles, so the peat monster will probably not be available in regular stores for long. If you’d like to gat your hands on one of them you should probably hurry up.