Paul John Kanya: Successful new bottling of the Goa based distillery

Awarded the title Asian Whisky of the Year 2018

The last release of Indian whisky producer Paul John is a very successful one: Kanya, matured in American oak casks for seven years and bottled with 50% ABV, is on sale in Europe. It is limited to only 1.500 bottles and according to a press release of the German distributor 150 of Paul John Kanya Single Malt Whisky will be available in Germany.

The single malt is named Kanya to honour one of the twelve Indian zodiacs: Kanya is a young unmarried girl and can be regarded as an equivalent to our 6th sign of the Zodiac – Virgo. The whisky is described to be very clean and light and mellow – perhaps that’s the reason why they chose this name.

Not smoky and aromas of tropical fruits

Paul John Single Malt Whisky is produced from six-row barley. For Kanya they used 100% unpeated malt. Official notes say: “…its delectable aromas of citrusy spice and tropical fruits lures you to savor its creamy and butterscotch sweetness. The satisfying finish of toasted oak with warm wafts of spice has just the slightest hint of sal, making it ever more memorable. With rare complexities and an exquisitely balanced dryness, The Kanya, in all its luscious allure, is perhaps one of the softest Indian whiskies ever to be bottled”.

Jim Murray was fascinated by the Paul John Kanya and named it Asian Whisky of the Year in his Whisky Bible 2018. Since 2008 John Distillers have been capturing the international market after they had established their blends on the local Indian market. Three single malts make up the core range and represent the wide variety of Paul John whisky: the unpeated Brilliance, the lighty peated Edited and the heavily peated Bold, each of them bottled at 46% ABV