Old Forester 86 Proof: Traditionally produced Bourbon with historic roots

George Garvin Brown once founded the success of the family business with this whiskey


Old Forester Bourbon already has a large fan base in Europe and is available selectively also in Germany. Brown-Forman now wants to put the brand on a broader footing. The Old Forester 86 Proof will in future be permanently available from specialist retailers in Germany and will also be launched in restaurants from January 2022 as a classic Bourbon for whiskey cocktails.

With the founding and production of the Old Forester whiskey brand, George Garvin Brown laid the foundation for the internationally successful Brown-Forman company. When he sold his Bourbon filled in bottles in 1870, it was an innovation for the time. Today, Old Forester Bourbon is still traditionally produced in the Old Forester Distillery in Louisville, Kentucky, which also runs its own cooperage and is open to visitors. It’s in the hand of the fifth generation of the founding family.

"It is an extraordinary feeling to launch the whiskey brand Old Forester in Germany, the one with which the global success story of Brown-Forman began", says Tanja Steffen, Marketing Director Brown-Forman Germany and the Czech Republic.

Brown-Forman describes the aroma of the Old Forester 86 Proof as “spicy and sweet at the same time, with a floral character that mixes with a hint of mint, tobacco leaves and vanilla. In the finish it is long and warm."

Image: Brown-Forman Germany