Now on whisky stage: Scorpions Rock ’n’ Roll Star

A Mackmyra Single Malt Whisky with a sweet cherry cask touch

Credit: Jovan Nenadic

A new limited release of Mackmyra Distillery catches the attention of fans of the Swedish whisky label as well as those of the German rockband Scorpions: “Scorpions Rock ’n’ Roll Star Single Malt Whisky Cherry Cask“ is the name of the new release. Cherry cask? A typo? Shouldn’t that be Sherry cask? No, this is exactly what is was meant to be: After being matured in ex-Bourbon and ex-Oloroso-sherry-casks the whisky was finished in casks that previously hosted sweet German cherry wine. Musicians and whisky, that seems to be a successful pairing these days. Motörhead also launched a whisky together with Mackmyra, Metallica and Dave Pickerell created the American whisky “Blackened” and we also presented you here Alex Ritt’s „Aureum Ironfinger“ from the German Ziegler Distillery.

Created in cooperation of Mackmyra and the Scorpions

“Why a Swedish whisky for a German rockband?” some may ask. A press release that announces the launch of the des Mackmyra Rock ’n’ Roll Star mentions a very warm relationship between the Scorpions and their Swedish audience. And there’s the fact that the band’s drummer Mikkey Dee is Swedish and therefor the band already cultivates a kind of a Swedish-German cooperation. The Scorpions were founded in 1965. Songs like „Wind of change“, „Rock you like a hurricane”, “Still loving you” or “Send me an angel” made the band , among them the most popular members of the Scorpions, Rudolf Schenker and Klaus Meine, internationally successful.

Scorpions Rock ’n’ Roll Star is a smooth whisky with a sweet touch

Credit: Jovan Nenadic

To create the whisky Angela D’Orazio, master distiller of Mackmyra, worked together with the members of the band. She said “Lovely guys to work with! Klaus, Rudolf, Matthias, Mickey and Pawel were very nice and interested in the process,” and added “I think we managed to get a smooth whisky with a lovely aroma of fruity vanillas from the bourbon casks, soft buttery tones from the oloroso sherry casks as well as a sweeter touch from the cherry casks. The fact that we got a finish of both cherry and sherry gave the whisky a perfect balance.”