New whiskey distillery Matt D’Arcy in Northern Ireland planned

A historic site with whiskey history

Matt D’Arcy & Company proudly announced that planning permission for its new whiskey distillery has been granted by the District Council. With its plans for the building at Monaghan Street in Newry the company ties up with historical roots: whiskey distillation was at home here at Newry from 1817 onwards and will now return into remaining Victorian buildings. The man behind the project and founder of Matt D’Arcy is Michael McKeown, wellknown businessman of Newry. His dream ist to make Newry whiskey famous and highly regared again as it had been once before.

Joining the growing scene of whiskey distilleries

About £ 7.3 mio will be invested during the next three years by Matt D’Arcy & Company Ltd. to build a distillery for premium single malt whiskey, a visitor center, a restaurant and a bar. There will be renovation and refurbishment as well as construction of new buildings and the complex is planned to become a magnet for tourists. Newry lies half way between Belfast and Dublin, an ideal position to become part of the steadily growing Irish whiskey trail. Last year several media already reported about he foundation of the Matthew D’Arcy & Co. Ltd, presented the project and published plans (look here: ).

Tourism promotion is not the only reason for constructing a new distillery here. Besides the jobs in the distillery itself there will be about 50 new hospitality jobs to run restaurant, bar and visitor center.

Planned to be ready in 18 months

Construction works will take about 18 monthsthe actual press release reports. When the distillery is ready it will produce 9.000 cases of single malt annually (81.000 liters). It is planned to build up a 10 year old stock. But before production starts the first whiskey will be released in early 2019 – whiskey that has been produced in another Irish distillery and already matured for several years for Matt D’Arcy.

Picture: Matt D’Arcy & Company (from left to right: owner Michael McKeown and Chief Executive Andrew Cowan)